• 27.10.2023

    Studio Time and Live Gigs

    Currently I am back in the studio working on my next single "AT NIGHT", which will hopefully be ready in February 2024. Since then, I'd be glad if you drop by at one of my live gigs. I will perform at some of Austria's nicest Christmas markets with my band. Check out my tour schedule for more information! Looking forward to see u there!
    I got more news for you: The director and creator of all my music videos, ARI TIIHONEN, and his amazing Team, just won the third price at a Finnish short movie competition "Hitusen hämyä". He received the Honorary Award and won the audience jury price by 43/49 points ⭐ I am so proud and can't wait to shoot the next video with him. It's always so great to work together with such an inspired and talented film maker, who has a creative mind and knows exactly what I want. The video of the short film will hopefully be available soon online. Until then check out all the videos I've done with him on my YouTube channel:

    © Patricia Hill
  • 09.05.2022

    3rd Single out now

    Ladies and Gents, my third Single "It's Love What I Feel" is available on all online music stores!! What the song is about: Listen now!

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  • 08.06.2021

    Music Blog

    Interview with The Singer's Company : I talked about my latest single "WHY SHOULD I", how it was to produce the music video and more!
    Here it is: The Singer's Company: Patricia Hill

  • 05.05.2021

    WHY SHOULD I on all digital stores


    ’Why Should I’ was written and produced by Wolfgang Bayer (Label Chilli Music, AT) and Emad Sayyah. It's a powerful, uptempo dance song with a soulful-catchy chorus, that takes the listeners back to the 90s -when it was originally written, but never published. My song features unique synths, strong beats and dynamic vocals. It's now available on all digital stores! You can watch my music video on my YouTube Channel
    This time we decided to go for a more story driven one that was highly inspired from the craptastic '90s karaoke videos, shot with the trusty vintage Canon XL-1 mini DV camera for that nice retro feel that reflects the song <3

    © Ari Tiihonen


  • 14.05.2020


    Hi People, If you ever need some motivating WORK OUT Music, I'll make you sweat :) I'd love it if you could FOLLOW ME AND STREAM my song on Spotify! It's also on the "Fitness Volume I" - playlist by the way... Thanks in advance and stay fit! Listen on SPOTIFY 'I Know What I Want'...

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  • 19.11.2019

    Back in NEW YORK CITY

    Long story short: Within the first days, I performed at 'The Groove' and 'Cafe Wha' with New Yorks finest! I also had the honor to see music mogul Mr. Clive Davis unexpectedly walking past at the famous 'Sugar Bar'! Thanks to my lovely friend and host TONY JENKINS, who invited me for a TV interview at the MANHATTAN NEIGHBORHOOD NETWORK Studios! I ate breakfast with Mr. David Fricke (Star reporter/Editor at Rolling Stone Magazine), had a short chat with Hollywood actress Jennifer Connelly at the Brooklyn Bridge and said 'Hi' to Mr. Fred Thomas (Bass Player of the J.B.'s/James Brown). Last but not least I heard my songs live during two interviews on BBOX Radio, Brooklyn <3 Can't wait to be back again in this fabulous and inspiring city, that I love so much!!

  • 25.10.2019

    IKWIW going international

    USA: 'I Know What I Want' on "The Moment Radio", Boston!!
    UK: My debut single is also featured on Matt's Black On Track Vulcan Radio show online as well as TheAndGuide, Radio Southampton! <3
    AUT: Special thanks to Miss Tanja Barta from the Austrian Magazine "NÖN" for this nice article!
    CANADA: A L S O Thanks to Mr. Tom Fennell! On his TV channel "German Kino Plus" - aired in Canada - you can watch my music video!! Here's the link, if you haven't seen it yet: 'I Know What I Want' official music video
    By the way, he also owns an awesome brewing company in the states: Fannin Brewing Company

    © The Moment Radio
    © NÖN / German Kino Plus
  • 02.10.2019

    The Music Video for my Debut Single is OUT NOW

    'I KNOW WHAT I WANT'... Check it out Ladies and Gents and spread the good word!!! You can download the Single on all music streaming platforms (Spotify, Amazon, iTunes...)

    © Patricia Hill
  • 31.07.2019

    Coole Beats aus Ottakring

    Herzlichen Dank an die Wiener Bezirkszeitung und Michael Payer für diesen Artikel!

    Patricia Hillinger zog es bereits mit zwei Jahren ins Rampenlicht. Noch heuer kommt ihre erste Single auf den Markt... Patricia Hillingers Leidenschaft gilt seit jeher der Musik. Der Rhythmus lag der Ottakringerin von Anfang an im Blut. "Meine Brüder Thomas und Christoph hatten in den 1990er-Jahren eine Boom Box in ihrem Zimmer, aus der den ganzen Tag lag Dance-Hits wie der Klassiker 'Pump Up The Jam' dröhnten...

    Ganzer Artikel zum Nachlesen...
    © Wiener Bezirkszeitung
  • 23.05.2019


    Jedes Jahr verwandelt sich das beliebte Freizeitparadies der Wienerinnen und Wiener, die Donauinsel, am letzten Juni-Wochenende in eine riesige Partymeile für internationales, junges Publikum. Auf 4,5 km Festgelände zwischen Nordbrücke und Reichsbrücke bieten auch dieses Jahr verschiedene Themeninseln für jeden BesucherIn das richtige Music-Package.
    Am Freitag, dem 21.Juni von 14.30 bis 15.30 Uhr, spielen wir auf der GÖD/Bawag PSK Bühne! Come and join the party!! Mehr Infos zum Event...

    © Donauinselfest 2019
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